Maryland Personal Injury Attorneys
The Caring, Experienced Representation You Need After A Personal Injury

If a careless, distracted or drunk motorist’s negligence caused a serious traffic accident, disabling injuries for you or fatal injuries to a loved one, you have rights that must be protected — especially the right to pursue maximum financial compensation that reflects your losses. Washington D.C. and Maryland based and experienced personal injury attorney Payman Tehrani is fully prepared to take up your case. As a former insurance defense trial attorney, Mr. Tehrani defended insurance companies and hundreds of their insureds in personal injury cases. This previous experience has proven to be invaluable to Mr. Tehrani in the course of his representation of personal injury victims. This is particularly so because Mr. Tehrani understands the process insurance companies go through in analyzing, evaluating, and assigning settlement value to each client’s case.

Moreover, as your lawyer Mr. Tehrani knows how to research your accident’s cause, negotiate with insurance companies from positions of strength and litigate against them forcefully in court. In every compelling personal injury case he handles, his goal is to help clients recover any and all expenses related to an accident — lost income from time off the job, health care and hospitalization costs, and funds needed for motor vehicle repair and replacement, just to name a few.

For your added comfort and convenience, this aggressive advocacy comes to you strictly on a contingency fee basis. This means you owe no attorney fee whatsoever unless the Law Offices of McKenzie and Tehrani wins your case. It also means that you have absolutely nothing to lose, and potentially everything to gain, by contacting us for a free initial consultation. We can take your call right now and always respond promptly to email messages. If your serious accident injury prevents you from coming to our law office, then Mr. Tehrani will come to you. Hablamos español tambien.